Refund policy

At Quint Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.(“Quint”), we value the trust of our customers – whether individual or corporate. In order to honour that trust, we have created this refund policy (“Policy”) to work in a transparent manner.

  1. Objective: The objective of this Policy is to ensure transparency in refund process & complete satisfaction of our Customers. This Policy enables that the refunds (if any) are processed in a fair manner.
  2. Scope: This Policy is applicable to processing of any refund of applicable fees paid by the Customers for enrolling their employees in any of the Quint’s training modules.
  3. Validity: This Policy shall come into effect from 1st April 2023 and shall continue to remain valid until it is specifically replaced/ revoked by Quint. Any refund request, received on or after 1st April 2023, will be processed in accordance with this Policy.
  4. Process for Requesting Refunds:
    1. Obligation of Customer: If a Customer wants to withdraw the registration from any of the planned sessions, such Customer will be required to write a formal cancellation letter or email detailing the course in which the cancellation is sought and the reasons behind the cancellation.
    1. The date of submission of the written Application (“Submission Date”) at any of the Quint offices will be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculation of the refund amount. A refund request shall be considered valid only if the Application is submitted by the Customer, either in person or by email, with complete details and any deviation from these requirements shall not considered for refunds.
    2. Applicable Fees and Refunds:
      1. Registration Fee: Customer shall be required to pay upfront fees for registration into the Live onsite or Live virtual training course. The Registration Fee shall be fully refundable in case of any Application received by Quint for withdrawal of admission by the Customer prior to completion of fourteen (14) calendar days from the Start Date of the course. No Registration Fee shall be refunded to the Customer in case of any withdrawal of admission, for which, the Application is received by Quint after completion of the Registration Refund Period, as mentioned above.
      2. GST Refund: In case the refund is approved within the same month of the invoice, then full GST refund would be applicable. In case the month of Invoice is earlier than the month of approval, then the GST amount would have already been processed for pay-out and the GST amount would not be refundable.
  1. Mode of Refund: No fee Components will be refunded in cash. All applicable refunds shall be paid through cheques or online transfer ONLY, in the name and to the account of the Customer within a reasonable period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which a written confirmation is provided to the Customer for approval of such refund. We shall not be held responsible and/ or accountable for crediting refund money to the wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by you. In case you have not received the refund approved by Quint within the abovementioned thirty (30) calendar days period, then please reach out to us at 9810779850 or write to us at

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