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Customer Experience is driving Digital Transformation

Customer experience is a hot topic – increasing it is one of the major opportunities a digital transformation provides. In the past, the main focus was on optimizing the speed at which customer requests and complaints were handled. Today, companies that deliver services place a much greater emphasis on improving the experience of their customers. Why do people like to buy from Amazon? The answer is simple: since speed is taken for granted these days, it is customer experience that makes the difference.

Digital workflows based on customer journeys

Customer Service Management is derived from the Lean paradigm and its aim is to create flow with an optimal customer experience as the result. Flow not only has to do with the speed with which requests are handled, but also the way in which an organization presents itself. When we talk about customers and Customer Service Management, we don’t just mean consumers. As the users of resources and services within a company, employees constitute a major target group. Being sent from pillar to post, a feature of the common silo structure of departments within organizations, is being broken down by the creation of digital flows. By serving every customer via a digital flow – supported by robotic process automation, chatbots and artificial intelligence – both efficiency and customer experience are improved.

Via flow to optimum customer experience
Increase availability, accessibility and convenience
Added value for customers and employees

Your digital marketplace as a success factor for customer experience

You could say that customer experience should be the focus of everything organizations do. Customers and staff are no longer willing to accept being passed on to various helpdesks and portals for their orders and queries. ‘Organizing’ with the customer in mind turns out to be a difficult task for many organizations. Using a digital platform linked to underlying systems offers a solution. The use of digital platforms like ServiceNow and Salesforce integrate and streamline existing processes into a digital service desk. Here, we see that data is playing an increasingly important role in sharpening the focus on customer experience. In addition to customer satisfaction, what is involved here is data that indicates how fast, how well and how efficiently services are delivered. This results in the information needed for continuous improvement.

“What used to be individual actions are now digitalized in one workflow: from order to delivery, from call to resolution, from staff intake to staff departure, from logging to reporting and from registration to invoicing.”

Our change approach

Together, we identify the target groups of your services based on personas. Quint uses customer journeys to determine what the customer value (and therefore the experience) really is. We then translate that customer value into a digital strategy for your customer service. What impact does customer value have on your organization and work processes? How are your work processes actually running in practice? Where are the difficulties and how can we use digitalization to resolve them?

From strategy to architecture

Based on your strategy, we design the digital architecture we will use to connect your target groups to your services.

Digitizing workflows

We use digital workflows to streamline and integrate the delivery and support processes of your products and services. What used to be individual actions are now digitalized in one workflow.

Coaching & Training

Finally, Quint helps your teams and staff to serve and manage your clients effectively with the new working method and digital platform.

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