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Stand out or drop out?

Technological developments and a new social and economic reality bring together all elements of organizations with the focus on a single central objective: digital transformation. After all, today Google is a bank, Apple manufactures cars and Walmart is an online retailer. Future competitors may arise from unexpected places. Innovative technology, changes in social behavior brought about by digitalization, customers who are constantly online, and disruptive startups make digital transformation the top priority of organizations that want to maintain – or acquire – a competitive advantage.

Why do I need a digital strategy?

A digital strategy offers you the opportunity to create more customer value by deploying digital resources, using data intelligently and having the right professionals in the right place. Organizations that go digital dive into technology; they invest in cloud computing, robotics and home automation, and have been familiar with platforms like ServiceNow and Salesforce for many years. They start working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and ensure their staff members have digital skills. To look beyond the boundaries of current developments, to be able to make the right decisions and inject innovation into the DNA of an organization, you need a digital strategy. The focus of such a strategy is on customers and staff, it sets out clear goals and provides clarity regarding what the change means for both customers and staff.

Improved customer experience

Streamlined processes & business operations

New propositions and business models

What exactly is a digital strategy?

A digital strategy designed by Quint defines how digitalization and the use of data improve the customer approach and business processes. Moreover, it maps out the development and use of new technology applications, and sometimes even of new business models. Quint makes sure you have a concrete strategy and roadmap that are based on data analyses. Together, we will realize them using creative and inspiring working methods like design thinking and prototyping. We don’t present a deck of PowerPoint slides, instead we deliver a fit-for-purpose digital strategy that has tangible answers to the questions. The digital roadmap is viable, validated by customers and supported by staff.

“To look beyond the boundaries of current developments, to be able to make the right decisions and inject innovation into the DNA of an organization, you need a digital strategy.”

Our change approach

Quint has a proven approach that ensures that tomorrow’s digital strategy can be translated directly into actions for today. The result is a digital strategy that includes a Digital vision geared to the business strategy and built on a foundation of data. The transformation roadmap helps you to operationalize the digital strategy, including a change process focused on culture, leadership and staff.

Digital vision & Customer Journey

From your business strategy we develop customer journeys that reveal where the digitalization opportunities lie for clients, products, services and staff.

Impact on the Enterprise Architecture

We design the building blocks that give direction to digitization in relation to the business function model, the enterprise data model and the information, application & technical architecture.

Business Case and Transformation roadmap

The business case and transformation roadmap provide for the cost-benefit analysis of investments and the associated change approach for operationalizing the strategy focused on culture, leadership and employees.

White Paper – Digital transformation and how to realize it

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