Quint Technology brings the worlds of business and technology together. We share knowledge and organize collaborations that accelerate change and innovation.

Quint Technology

Quint Technology provides expertise alongside implementation and support services for platforms that support the digitalization of customers’ business and IT processes. This expertise is seamlessly aligned with Quint Consulting’s best practices in the areas of SIAM, DevOps & Continuous Delivery, Agile Transformations, IT Governance and Digital Strategy, and more. Together with our clients, we design and implement solutions and integrate them with existing technology. Through Quint Academy, we ensure that your staff acquire the knowledge and know-how needed to perform their tasks effectively in the new environment.

“By challenging the status quo and connecting people, processes and technology, we accelerate and embed digital transformation.”

Our Expertise

Quint Technology provides implementation services for the following orchestration and automation platforms: ServiceNow, Atlassian, and Digital.ai (XebiaLabs). Our standard approach, Transform, is based on Agile/Scrum and is set up as a toolkit for a successful implementation.


Enterprise Collaboration


Enterprise Automation


Process Mining


Continuous Delivery & Automation

Our Services

We provide our clients with implementation and support services. Our team of energetic professionals have a high level of in-depth, expert knowledge. They apply relevant market innovations and are able to integrate new technologies flawlessly, time and again.





Our Clients & Best Practices

Quint helps organizations to change by connecting people, processes and technology. Are you looking for specific references? If so, feel free to contact us.

White Paper – Getting Service Integration and Management (SIAM) to really work for you
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