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Duration : 2 DAYS

Background & Objective

Data analytics roots in statistics, which was already used in Ancient Egypt. Over time, globalization has led to an ever-increasing amount of data. Organizations of all sizes see the importance of this, causing data to play a bigger role for making informed business decisions. This bigger role reflects in the increasing number of functions that are related to data: data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, etc.

The EXIN Data Analytics Foundation certification helps professionals understand the basic concepts of data analytics, the activities in process of data analysis and the different methods that are used to analyze data. Candidates who passed the exam also know the different charts, graph and plots that represent the output of the process.

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    Who Should Attend

    The EXIN Data Analytics Foundation certification is developed for professionals who are aspiring a role where analyzing data is part of their core responsibilities. More specifically, the following roles could be interested:

    Data/information analysts

    • Business intelligence analysts
    • Data administrators/(business) information managers
    • Data/analytics managers
    • Data scientists
    • Marketing/media specialists (in Digital)
    • Marketing/market research analysts
    • Business unit/department managers
    • Business analysts
    • Finance professionals

    Course Coverage

    1. Turning data into insights

    • 1.1 Data analytics concepts and process
    • 1.2 Business intelligence

    2. Collecting, organizing, managing

    • 2.1 Data collection
    • 2.2 Storing data

    2.3 Variables

    • 3. Cleaning
    • 3.1 Data scrubbing

    4. Analyzing

    • 4.1 Statistics
    • 4.2 Data mining
    • 4.3 Machine learning
    • 4.4 Algorithms

    5. Visualizing

    • 5.1 Explanatory and exploratory
    • 5.2 Charts and plots
    • 5.3 Design and tools

    About Examination

    Examination type: Multiple-choice questions
    Number of questions: 40
    Pass mark: 65% (26/40 questions)
    Open book/notes: No
    Electronic equipment/aides
    Exam duration: 60 minutes
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