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At a time when society and the market are becoming increasingly more digitalized, organizations need to transform digitally. For enterprises to operate like digital natives, their organizations need to meet certain criteria: they need to be flexible and responsive to changes in demand, be able to adapt services quickly, be accessible from anywhere and via every channel, and they need to provide continuity and stability. One of the ways to achieve this is to use the right cloud solution.

An effectieve cloudstrategy

With an effective cloud strategy, organizations can choose the optimal cloud mix, and thus maximize the benefits while keeping risks and costs at an acceptable level. What exactly this optimal cloud mix is, depends on the added value an organization wants to deliver to its customers, the products and services that constitute the basis for this, and the existing IT landscape and regulatory environment. These factors are usually different for each service, domain and sometimes even for each application. Moreover, they also change over time. The strategy of ‘public cloud unless’ is often an oversimplification of reality. A hybrid cloud strategy takes a broader and deeper view, and differentiates based on the products and services within an organization.

Flexible availability of extra capacity


Access to new and / or temporary functionality
Affordable continuity through backup & recovery options

Cloud landing zones

Given that every organization has its own optimal and unique cloud mix customized to its needs, Quint has introduced various landing zones which we use to define an optimum cloud strategy. We set down the landing zones where business processes and the underlying applications are currently running and what the most suitable landing zone is for tomorrow and beyond. We also look at investments already made and at possible (or impossible) migrations. In this way, we find out how your organization can make optimal use of the different types of cloud, and how these options will develop over time. This enables you to make mid-term and long-term decisions, for example, about investments.

“The strategy of ‘public cloud unless’ is an oversimplification of reality. Determining the optimal hybrid cloud strategy requires a smart approach.”

Independent advice on which you can build

Quint is not affiliated with cloud or hosting providers. This means our recommendations are not biased by commercial ties, or the like. You are guaranteed that our advice and support is 100% in the best interests of your goals and business objectives. With a cloud strategy provided by Quint, your organization will be in control of the application of the right cloud concepts.

Vision & Analysis

Together with you, in a series of workshops, we determine your future governance positioning and governance strategy. To this end, we explicitly focus on the Govern, Orchestrate and Integrate aspects of the framework. We determine the scope of the new governance function and how it relates to existing contracts, suppliers, legacy services and new developments.

Assessment of business processes and the IT landscape

We examine your major business processes and the related characteristics of the organization. We also closely examine the underlying applications portfolio. This gives us insight into what can easily go to a different form of cloud, and where that is difficult or virtually impossible. Are there alternatives available in the desired cloud and do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

Determining the optimal cloud mix

We set down what the strategy options are, in light of the current situation, the business goals and the possibilities (or impossibilities) regarding the IT landscape. A picture emerges of the cloud roadmap and what components can be moved at what moment. In the final step, we look at the next steps that should be taken in order to realize the desired cloud mix and migrate the applications.

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