White Paper – How to Improve IT Performance based on Customer Experience

White Paper – How to Improve IT Performance based on Customer Experience

IT is still unable to fully satisfy its customers’ requirements despite the introduction of best practices such as ITIL®, COBIT, ASL, BiSL and ISO 20000. IT is still at the top of the list as the No. 1 source of irritation in the workplace. It’s time for a radical new look at IT, using the best practices listed above as useful tools, but not necessarily as prerequisites. This time around, however, the customer will take center stage, i.e. the customer experience. This term is used extensively in marketing circles, but is virtually unheard of in IT circles.

The authors of this white paper have defined the correlation between IT’s work and customer experience. In doing so, they’ve established a tangible link between daily IT management/staff activities and the IT customer’s experience. In doing so, they’ve applied principles commonly found within industry and translated these into useful, practical tools. Important focus areas in this respect include the customer, how the customer views IT’s services, reducing backlogs, eliminating waste, and time allocation as a major IT productivity and performance boost.

This paper is intended for CIOs and IT managers who are looking to drastically improve their IT performance and customer satisfaction levels by placing the customer experience center stage and without necessarily incurring additional costs. Once you’ve read this paper, you’ll be better able to manage your IT-related affairs based on customer value, thereby improving IT performance and satisfaction levels significantly.

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