White Paper – HR Outsourcing – Frameworks, Guidelines and Tips

White Paper – HR Outsourcing – Frameworks, Guidelines and Tips

Outsourcing remains an important topic for many companies. Cost savings are still one of the primary motives for contemplating outsourcing, but strategic considerations are also playing an increasingly important role in decision-making processes. This is resulting in a need to form partnerships between the organizations outsourcing certain processes and the businesses providing these services. Both parties are investing in establishing solid relationships with one another. Extrapolating on this development, the HR outsourcing market is also growing and shifting from merely providing cost savings to fulfilling strategic HR objectives. More and more companies are asking themselves to what extent outsourcing HRM is relevant to them within this context. Organizations that have already outsourced their HRM processes are investigating how their outsourcing partners can contribute towards realizing HRM’s strategic value.

Based on its experience, Quint Wellington Redwood has compiled a list of the foremost issues relevant to HRM and outsourcing. This white paper supplements this list with recommendations from Quint’s HRM specialists, thus forming an excellent set of guidelines for anyone contemplating outsourcing their HR processes, considering renegotiating their existing contract or aiming to improve their current outsourcing performance. You will also find several useful tips for benchmarking your own HRM strategy.

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