White Paper Lean IT Service Management – A Transformation Guide

White Paper Lean IT Service Management – A Transformation Guide

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an intrinsic element of many IT organizations, but a traditional implementation may no longer be sufficient to meet current expectations. Almost all organizations are eager to lower costs while increasing their capacity for innovation – and those that are not yet doing so may benefit from rethinking their strategy. Ideally, everyone would prefer to move beyond just keeping the lights on, instead focusing on supporting the business and promoting innovation. If a company has invested in ITSM and is not seeing the expected results, it’s time to look at what’s missing.

Based on what we have seen in various projects over the years, we can identify a number of areas that may be trailing behind in a traditional approach to IT Service Management. First, even if processes have successfully been implemented, ITSM may not have affected customer satisfaction or improved perceived customer value. Value for money is also a consideration: has the company achieved the savings or efficiencies they were looking for in their business case for implementation of IT Service Management? Improving services and processes is another recurring theme. ITSM is often expected to improve services and optimize process performance within the organization, and to boost workforce motivation. It is important to look at whether implementation of IT Service Management has in fact contributed to motivating the workforce and to achieving service and process improvement.

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