White Paper – Seven Key Factors to be successful with DevOps

White Paper – Seven Key Factors to be successful with DevOps

This paper aims to help to take the first steps towards DevOps. To do this, we will describe seven key success factors. What are the key success factors for overcoming the issues that exist in the traditional IT environment? Today, every company is also a software company. Every day, the world is becoming more interconnected, automated and intelligent. Infrastructures, assets and devices across the globe are rapidly being digitized, made available 24/7 and transforming everyday products into smarter products that allow people, systems and objects to communicate and interact with each other in entirely new ways.

Software is a key driver of differentiation and business innovation. It is a gateway to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences and expansion into new markets. Software includes those programs both visible and invisible to the end user. In general, most attention goes to applications, the software used by the users. Software on its own does not actually do anything. The ability to deliver the functionality provided by the software as part of an integral service to the customer is the key. The service includes the software and the human interaction that helps ensure the software remains relevant. Software retains its relevance if issues are solved quickly be they usage or technical issues, if it is updated and improved to match the evolving requirements of the user and if someone provides advice about how to use or integrate the software, or enhance its value in the business process it supports.

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